Lead researcher (team leader) in optoelectronic materials and chips

Employer: Photoelectric Computing Innovation Group, Beijing National Research Center for Information Science and Technology, Tsinghua University.

Position: Lead researcher (team leader) in optoelectronic materials and chips

Number of Position:1

Duties: build a high-level photoelectric computing team; apply for major national science and technology projects; put together a team to carry out joint research and develop optoelectronic computing chip; carry out application in fields such as perception and recognition, unmanned systems, intelligent imaging, high-performance computing.


(1) Have a senior professional title, and in principle, should hold a doctoral degree from or have a post-doctoral experience at a world-class university;

(2) Have at least six years of research experience, have a clear research direction and research plan, and conforms to the development plan for information disciplines;

(3) Academically at the international advanced level for the same kind of research, or reach the international standards for the same kind of technology in terms of the overall technological level;

(4) Ability to carry out major scientific research and put together a team to undertake national major and key scientific research projects;

(5) Have made significant research achievements, and meet one of the following conditionsin the past five years: ① have undertaken (or is undertaking) at least two important national scientific research projects (e.g., key projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, projects under the National Key R&D Program of China, vertical projects that received more than four million yuan in funding, and other important projects), or important national defense projects that received more than four million yuan in funding, or important horizontal projects that received more than four million yuan in funding as the project leader; ② have won major domestic or international academic awards (e.g., have won one of the three national awards, ranking among the top two); ③have received grants under talent rewards programs recognized by the State, such as the Changjiang Scholars Program, the Distinguished Young Talent Program,  the Outstanding Young Talent Program, etc. (not subject to the past-five-year limit); ④ have worked as a special talent holding an important position in a frontier field.

Materials needed:

(1) Detailed resume (in Chinese, including a complete list of academic achievements and a brief description of future research plans);

(2) Presentation of no more than five representative achievements (including awards, granted patents, treatises, etc.);

(3) Academic and degree certificates;

(4) Award certificates, patents, the first pages of works, and proof of search for published papers;

(5) Two letters of recommendation from the academic community (excluding the tutor).

Closing Date: December 31, 2020.

Contact person: Tao Tao; taot@tsinghua.edu.cn