Research Department of Future Network Theory and Application

Cyberspace is developing into the fifth territory of mankind after land, sea, air and space. The information carried by the Internet has become an important strategic resource for national economic development. At present, the Internet, Internet of Things, future mobile communication network and other kinds of networks have a tendency to converge and integrate. Thus there is an imperative need to establish new theories and technologies in the field of future convergence network architecture.

In view of the technological trend of future network convergence, the Research Department of Future Network Theory and Application proposes the innovative idea of a new Internet. By introducing artificial intelligence technology, the basic contradiction among internet scalability, security and performance can be solved. Researches on efficient addressing routing in extra-large space, cross-domain trusted access and attack and defense of open network, and real-time transport control of competitive resources and other researches are carried out. On this basis, the development of networked communication theories and methods, the new Internet of Things business model, and the innovative business model of communication and broadcast, are integrated.