Research Department of Intelligence Science

The development of a new generation of artificial intelligence related disciplines, theoretical modeling, technological innovation, hardware and software upgrades, etc., is leading to an acceleration of the digitization, networking, and intelligence of all sectors of the economy and society. We break through the ‘five features’ challenge of artificial intelligence in terms of open, dynamic, antagonistic, uncertain and incomplete information, construct first-mover advantages of China’s development of artificial intelligence, and accelerate the construction towards an innovative country and a global power in science and technology.

Intelligence science and machine intelligence starts from the exploration of the dynamic connection graph of brain neurons, and explores the brain mechanisms such as perception, cognition, decision making, and memory. It leads a pathway through to intelligent perception, intelligent interaction, cooperative sensing and interaction, and other basic theories and key technologies. It builds machine perception, machine learning, cooperative interaction, synthesis reasoning, hybrid intelligence, and collection intelligence. On this basis, we develop and do some research on the cognitive interaction system. Taking Chinese education and dissemination of traditional Chinese culture as a tractional strategic application, we further carry out the application of cognitive interaction led by artificial intelligence in education, medical treatment, industry, national defense and in other fields.

The Research Department of Intelligence Science places emphasis on artificial intelligence of brain cognition, theory and technology of interpretability of artificial intelligence, intelligence perception and chip, unmanned multi-agent system, middleware of artificial intelligence of cognitive interaction system and other contents. It lays the foundation for the development and technological transformation of intelligence science, machine intelligence, and artificial intelligence.