Research Department of Advanced Electronic and Photoelectronic Science and Technology

Information technology and electronic technology are developing towards intelligence. The demand for the relevant system in terms of bandwidth, energy consumption, miniaturization and other aspects is restricted by the core bottleneck. In addition, the scale reduction manufacturing techniques such as integrated circuits that support these systems are also approaching a physical limit. At this point, if we can make a transformative breakthrough in electronic and optoelectronic basic devices and manufacture technology, and apply it, this will avoid the stagnation of the development of information technology, and will redefine the future of information technology.

This research department will explore the new mechanism of the interaction between light and matter at the nanometer scale, reveal the influence of small scale noise and nonlinearity towards macro devices, find the carrier transportation method and technology of the micro and nanoscale regulation, explore the quantum physics mechanism of new materials, such as Dirac material and topological insulator, provide the technical approach to go beyond the Boltzmann limit, and realize nearly zero power consumption of electronic devices and chips. On this basis, it is possible to develop: an ultra low power consumption nanometer photonic integrated chip; ultra-high speed, broadband integrated optoelectronic devices and relevant high frequency broadband optical signal processing components; a new type of electronic device with nearly zero power consumption and supporting large-scale unit integration; and research of computing and memory chip of high performance and low power consumption. Therefore, the research department will focus on nanometer photoelectron light-emitting devices and integrated chips, high dimensional parallel optical processing chip, optoelectronic devices and microwave photon devices, the new basic electronic device and micro sensor, reconfigurable computing systems, a new architecture of integration of storage and calculation, and other directions.