Research Department of Trusted Software and Big Data

Trusted software and big data have become the basic enabling technology in the development of the world digital economy. On the one hand, the research department will break through the classic software construction theory.  In view of "code to architecture" of innovative ideas, innovative software automatically constructs theory and method. Through machine learning of big data, the software kernel program is automatically generated to form software testing, trusted certification and autonomous evolution ability. On the other hand, by paradigm shift from big data processing to intelligence application of big data, and the fusion between new hardware and high performance computing technology, the research department will break through the limits of the system software architecture with hierarchical big data represented by Hadoop and Spark, and develop E level high-performance computing method and system.

On this basis, we will develop a transformational foundation platform for "trusted software", and build “mixed source” that is driven by big data in open source software and closed source software, and promote innovation of theory and method of social computing and search.