Research Department of Bioinformatics

The Research Department of Bioinformatics comprises of researchers from Department of Automation, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Institute of Microelectronics, School of Medicine, School of Life Sciences, and School of Environment, of Tsinghua University. It aims, through the cross cooperation between disciplines, with informative and systematic point of view and research method, to study fundamental problems of life science and theoretical and methodological problems put forward by this towards the field of information science and technology. The information mechanism of living systems is explored to design and modify the biological molecular regulation system by using the engineering method. The research department cultivates leading talents in cutting-edge research.

The research department has a solid foundation in the intelligence information processing and integration analysis in physiome, clinical phenotype, medical imaging, traditional Chinese medicine and more. A number of studies in bioinformatics, network pharmacology, synthetic and systems biology, and information device of human body fusion are at the forefront of the world. It is the innovative group of the National Natural Science Foundation, and has undertaken Program 973 national projects, such as "based on a new generation of theory and method of sequencing bioinformatics", and "establishment and improvement of platform of the molecular biology technology, and research on computational systems biology", and the Program 863 project "methods and technology of bio-informatics and computational system biology". The research department has undertaken many key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation.