Message from the Dean

Beijing National Research Center for Information Science and Technology is one of the six national research and development centers approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology in November 2017. It is a comprehensive cross-type information scientific technology innovation base, which can adapt to the characteristics of basic research in the era of big science. It is also an important part of the system of China’s scientific and technological innovation in a new era.

The National Research Center is attached to Tsinghua University. It utilizes the basic advantages of the information science group in Tsinghua University, the comprehensive discipline advantages of Tsinghua University, and the extensive domestic and international influence from more than ten years' preparation of the former National Laboratory of Information Science and Technology of Tsinghua University. Building upon this, we will focus closely on the national strategy of innovation-driven development, continue to be on the development trend of cutting-edge information science, and cater to the development needs of industry innovation. We will pool our strengths and organize and carry out basic research of disruptive innovation in a cross-disciplinary approach at the frontier field of information science and technology. We will explore Intelligence Science and Technology, Data Science, Advanced Electronic Science and Technology, and Future Network Theory, as well as other internationally advanced academic researches.And we endeavor to be the leading traction force of emerging interdisciplinary disciplines, such as aerospace information fundamental and bioinformatics. These can promote the realization of China’s advancement in the information field and serve the significant needs of our country, such as the global strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative, cyber information security and socio-economic transition. We will strive to build world-class academic innovation centers, leading centers of discipline, talent cultivation centers and science knowledge dissemination centers.

The National Research Center will build an open and inclusive international academic communication platform, to carry out scientific research cooperation with universities, research institutions, academic organizations, enterprises and other organizations in China and abroad. By setting up a diversified employment system, building a sharing and open platform, establishing a one-stop administrative service and other initiatives, we try to attract excellent domestic and foreign scholars to the center to communicate, visit and study, exchange academic ideas and to stimulate innovations. We strive to lead the development at the frontier of information science.

The National Research Center will actively carry out institutional reform and innovation. We will implement a system of academic democracy and responsibility, create a post appointment system and evaluation and incentive system, try to promote the mobility and convergence of talents, and promote the opening and sharing of resources. We strive to create a cultural atmosphere conducive to innovation and cooperation.

The National Research Center sincerely welcomes colleagues and friends to care for, support, and participate in the construction and development of the center. We serve for you earnestly, serve for the development of information science and technology, serve for society and make contributions for our country's scientific and technological innovation.