The Fourth Tsinghua Information Frontier Interdisciplinary Forum Is Held

On the occasion of the 113th anniversary of Tsinghua University, on April 20 the Fourth Tsinghua Information Frontier Interdisciplinary Forum sponsored by the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) of Tsinghua University and the Beijing National Research Center for Information Science and Technology (BNRist) was held in the Multifunctional Hall of the FIT Building, Tsinghua University. Vice President Yang Bin of Tsinghua University and Academician Dai Qionghai, Dean of the SIST and Director of the BNRist, and more than 120 faculty members and students from the university participated in the forum.Ac.ademicians Xu Ningsheng and Qian Depei of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professors Zhu Wenwu and Ren Tianling of Tsinghua University were invited to deliver academic keynotes, and Academician Zhao Qionghai of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Wang Xiaoyun of the Chinese Academy of Science were invited to participate in a round-table forum with the other academicians. The forum was hosted by Deputy Director Zhu Wenwu of the BNRist.

Yang Bin congratulated the forum on its being held in consecutive years. He noted that the past year witnessed Tsinghua University’ growing confidence in serving the country's major strategies, and that Tsinghua's information science has made a series of important achievements in cutting-edge theoretical innovation, key technological breakthroughs and important industrial applications. The year 2024 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China, as well as a crucial year to implement the strategic plan of building a country strong on education and advance the high-quality development of the university. He wished that faculty members and students of information science would firmly grasp the main mission of high-quality development, stick to forward-looking layout, innovation as the primary engine and interdisciplinary studies, and we as Tsinghua people should make greater contributions to serving the country’s major strategies.

Xu Ningsheng, in his speech titled “Nano Frontier of Large-scale Atomic Manufacturing”, pointed out that atomic manufacturing has become a key strategic field in China and some developed countries. He elaborated on typical nano frontier problems of atomic manufacturing, introduced the new principles of nano-materials, nano-structures, nano-devices, integrated circuits and microelectronics, photoelectric chips and photonics, looked to the future prospect of atomic manufacturing and its tremendous impact on the industrial society, and shared the representative work of his team and some of his own thoughts.

Qian Depei, in a speech titled “Some Thoughts on the Sustainable Development of Computing Power”, summarized the new changes faced by supercomputing in China and the new demand for computing power from today's technological changes, with a focus on the challenges faced by supercomputing in China in terms of international environment, technical bottlenecks, facilities construction, etc. Meanwhile, he shared his understanding and thoughts on how to realize the sustainable development of computing power from several aspects, such as opening new paths for key technologies, giving full play to system advantages, deeply optimizing the field, and innovating the application development model.

Zhu Wenwu, in his report titled “Analysis of Cross-space Multimedia Big Data Intelligence”, expounded the research background, core issues and achievements of cross-space big data analysis, focused on “building a new paradigm of self-directed embodied intelligence with self evolutionary learning ability”, and introduced the relevant work progress of the cross-innovation group of self-evolving embodied intelligence in the BNRist.

Ren Tianling rendered a report titled “Intelligent Information Devices Promoting Moore's Law”. By introducing the transistor and nonvolatile ferroelectric memory/storage chip with the smallest gate length in the world, and the research progress in new intelligent electronic devices, chips and integrated systems of two-dimensional materials, Ren demonstrated the important role of the new generation of electronic devices based on two-dimensional materials in continuing and surpassing Moore's Law.

In the Academicians Round-Table Forum, the participating academicians, around the theme of science and technology innovation toward Sustainable Development”, shared with the faculty members and students their insights about the cutting-edge technologies and innovative ideas in their respective research fields, and put forward a number of suggestions, for example, the research on password security is an important part of the development of sustainable information science, multidisciplinary research platforms play an important role in promoting sustainable research, and original innovation comes from the cognition of the underlying foundation, the intersection of research work and the guidance of strategic direction.

Dai Qionghai delivered a concluding speech and thanked the forum guests for their wonderful reports and insights. He noted that the reports of this forum were cutting-edge and cross-disciplinary reports addressing fundamental problems, and the scientist spirit therein will play an important role in inspiring and guiding young scholars. As a research institution in a university, we should constantly improve the original innovation ability and strengthen interdisciplinary research. “Sustainable development” means creating original technology, providing subversive innovation achievements for the society and promoting the accelerated development of new productive forces.

The Tsinghua Information Frontier Interdisciplinary Forum is an important annual event held by the SIST and the BNRist during the university anniversary. The first forum was held during the 110th anniversary of Tsinghua University in 2021. During the same period each year, the “Tsinghua Information Innovation Achievement Exhibition” is held in the FIT Building, showcasing the latest research innovations of the university in information discipline.